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ONLY GOD ARMOR REMAIN - Raven Set increase +12 DEX and AGI - Legolas Set Heal increased from 60% to - Loki Set DEF reduced from -100 to -50 - Vampire set remain - Lucifer set remain - Juggernaut set remain - Remus Lupin set remain - Thanos set increased 1% physical and magical damage to all races - Dumbledore set Crystalize chance ...

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 · Enchant armor with the Poison property. DEF+1. Enchant armor with the Shadow property. Enchant armor with the Wind property. Enchant armor with the Undead property. INT +1. DEF+1. Enchant armor with the Ghost property. Reduce 25% of HP Recovery.

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 · Introduction Cards, when slotted into equipments, will add a Prefix / Suffix to your weapon's name. Equipments such as Armor & Footgear, which as only one slot, can have a maximum of 1 Prefix / Suffix. On the other hand, Weapons, which can have more than one slot, can gain more than 1 Prefix / Suffix. Card Prefix / Suffix are all pre-determined, meaning that …

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Description. A clear, sky blue jewel that is the birthstone for people born in March. Item Script. {}, {}, {} Dropped By. Knight of Windstorm / Stormy Knight. (45%) …

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 · Enchantments cost 1 Mora Coin and 100,000z each. The second enchantment has a chance of failure (failure erases all enchantments). The third enchantment has a low chance of success, failure results in either the removal of all enchantments, or the item breaking. The third dialog option will remove all enchants, for 1 mora coin and 100,000 zeny.

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Ragnarok Online en Español. La página y foro más completo sobre el RO: guias, base de datos, builds, character y skill simulator, quests..

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+4 Aqua Silk Robe[1] - Amity! Ragnarok Marketwatch

+4 Aqua Silk Robe[1]:A finely woven, silk robe that has been enchanted with magic. MDEF + 10 Class : Armor Defense : 20 Weight : 40 Job : Swordman, Mage, Acolyte,

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Ragnarok Online Blacksmith Complete Guide by Waukeen. The fire of the forge beckons to you. You feel the heat of the flames caress your skin. It crawls through your entire body, entering the pores of your skin. That very flame enters your nerves, boiling your blood. It moves through your insides, crushing every wall of resistance.

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Item Info. Legion Plate Armor [1] An extremely heavy piece of armor worn by members of the Legion. Main. Type. Gear. Subtype. Armor.

+4 Aqua Padded Armor[1] - Amity! Ragnarok Marketwatch

 · The market watch does not get updates any more. There are no plans on migrating it to the 4game server. +4 Aqua Padded Armor [1] Padded Armor. this item has been offered 1 times, last June 29, 2018. last seen. total.

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iW Database - Item Info - Aqua Robe. Aqua Robe. An elegant blue robe imbued with the power of water. Decreases the variable casting time of [Storm Gust] by 3 seconds. When unmodified Int is 120 or more, adds Int +1. Set bonus with Aqua Staff [2], Aqua Shoes, Aqua Orb [1]:

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The unique attack from the Armor in Aqua's fight summons multi-colored streams of energy that swirl and dance around the arena. ... Ragnarok is in the northwest corner of this 3 x 3 square and ...

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 · Aqua Benedicta creates a single Holy Water. Can only be used in shallow water. Aqua Benedicta (RO2) Official kRO Website RO Empire iRO Wiki Divine Pride

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 · those not even included fire/coldproof pots and fire/water armor. edit: if you are a WL, you can get fire/water resist easily from crimson/aqua set. if you are a sorc, you can use your elementl spirits, but it is hard to maintain since …

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Vending Items Of [Armor] [Mithril Coin] GARMOR 15mc [email protected], 28, 46 ID Name Refine Slot

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Aqua Robe, Ragnarok item de tipo Armadura - Armor: An elegant blue robe imbued with power of water. INT + 1, MDEF + 10. Decreases the variable casting time...

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 · Class: Armor Defense: 3 Jobs: Professor. 2468 Aqua Shoes 3 Long navy blue colored shoes that hold the power of water. MDEF +2. Max HP +1.500. Water Resistance +15%. MATK +1(* Refine)%. Slot: [0] Class: Footgear Defense: 3 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Professor. 2860 Aqua Orb 3 A water embued navy blue colored ornament. INT +1. MDEF +2. Water ...

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 · 4 raydric mant, 4 gloom armor drops godring redpepper(map6) uses firebolt (I recommend map7 for farming boots, its faster and easier) 4 raydric mant, 1 pasana armor, 4 leib headgear, use so you can go to next level. drops godboots verporte, verporta(map7) uses bowling bash use 4 raydric mant, 3 gloom1rsx armor, or demon wing drops god boots

Aqua Orb :: Armor :: Accessory - RO Renewal Item

Aqua Orb - Ragnarok Renewal - A water embued navy blue colored ornament.INT +1, MDEF +2.Water element resistance +15%.When receiving physical or magic damage, has a chance to auto cast Level 3 Frost Nova....

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 · Page 1 of 2 - water property armor - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Getting hit by water ball lvl 9 sucks from nagas. Bunch of 900-1k spams. Bought a swordfish card which is suppose to change the armor to water type. So afterwards im getting hit for 200-300 spams. So, why am I still taking damage when its water type armor?

Aqua Robe :: Armor :: Armor - RO Renewal Item

Aqua Robe - Ragnarok Renewal - A loose fitting blue colored robe embued with the power of water.INT + 1, MDEF + 10.Decreases Storm Gust variable cast time by 3 seconds.If you have 120 base INT, adds an additional INT + 1....

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Whenever you receive a Magical Damage, there is a small chance to reduce all incoming Magical Damage by 20% for 2 seconds, but also reduces your DEF by 20% during that 2 seconds. Class : Garment. Defense : 3. Weight : 40. Required Level : 70. Applicable Job : Trans Mage Class, Trans Archer Class, Trans Acolyte Class. 3.

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 · Water. From iRO Wiki. The Water property is one of the ten elemental properties in Ragnarok Online. Water is the opposite of Wind. The Water property is the strongest against the Fire property, and the weakest to the Wind property. Weapons can be forged with the Water property by adding a Mystic Frozen during the process.

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 · Page 1 of 2 - Gear For MVP? - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: this is somthing i have been bothered by for while. i have a lvl 140 Gen and so far my build is on the right path, but im not sure what the best Gear is to Go Mvping Solo with this is the Gear i … Item - Aqua Robe

Aqua Robe - An elegant blue robe imbued with the power of water. Class: Armor Defense: 40 Property: Water Weight: 50 Requires Level: 100 Usable By: Warlock Int + 1 Mdef + 10 Reduces the variable casting time of Storm Gust by 3 seconds. If the user's base Int is 120 or higher, additional Int + 1. Set Bonus Aqua Staff [2] Aqua Robe Aqua Shoes [1] Aqua Orb [1] Increases …